Student Week of Resistance 

May 8-14

Student Organizers with Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights

Students in NY, LA, and the Bay area speak out! 




May 8 – 14 Suggested Schedule:

*But feel free to make this your own, or switch up days. However you act, document it and tag us!


Sunday, May 8
Mother’s Day

Spending Mother’s day with your family? Talk with mom and grandma, your aunt’s, sisters, cousins about the abortion rights emergency. Do a tik tok or IG reel together that helps spread the word about the May 14 protests nationwide. 


Video theme ideas:

Motherhood is beautiful if that’s what you choose.

Forced Motherhood is Female Enslavement

Protect Motherhood, support abortion rights! 

Interview your Mom, grandma, whoever about if they had an abortion or have a story about a friend. 

Monday, May 9th
Mass Saturation Day! 

We will have sample posts to share so you can copy at your school! 

– Chalk slogans outside of school

– Chalk slogans and social media handle on chalk board- tell teachers what it’s about 

– Decorate your locker #Green4Abortion for the week

– Decorate your car #Green4 Abortion for the week

– Flyer your classes + Campus

– Wire hangers up on campus

– posters up outside of school

– Tape up flyers in bathroom stalls


Tuesday, May 10th
#Green4Abortion Bandana Day

Have students at your school ansewer a basic questionaire or take a poll on your social media. If they are for the legal right to abortion the need to SHOW IT! Other ways to do this could be a lunchroom announcement, stang up on the cafeteria table and have people who support abortion rights come to you and get a green bandana, ribbon, sticker, or other way to showcase what side they are on! 


Start planning how to showcase your green now. Order bandanas or stickers from our website, or go get green ribbon to make pins. DM us on social media with questions. Ask students to donate $1 or $2 to cover the costs!  

Wedensday, May 11th

Art Build to get ready for the student walk outs on Thursday. Practice chants, and maybe even a protest song … get it on social media and send around on snap chat including instructions on how to walk out and where to meet

Thursday, May 12th

Student walk outs can be organized over snapchat, instagram, tiktok, and through networks. Use Monday-Wedensday to spread the word and ask students to post about the walk out on social media. Be a school captain who makes it happen! Make a graphic on Instagram to DM and text. Email us or send us a DM with any questions. 

Coordinate a meet up at a park or town square for students to meet up. Or walk out and protest in front of your school! Keep checking this page and social media for updates. 

During the walk out keep spreading it on social media- have people live stream it!!!

Friday, May 13th

Build for the national day of protest – get the contingent ready and make sure everyone has a plan to get to the protest!! KEEP POSTING ON SOCIAL MEDIA

  • Also idea for vigils or posts to highlight women who have been sent to jail for 
  • Other actions like a die-in
  • Or school prank like decorate the school mascot green … get the principle or teachers to dye hair green or paint face … post it on social media!

Saturday, May 14th
Unified Mass Protests

We Refuse To Let the Supreme Court Take Away the Right to Abortion!

Abortion On Demand and Without Apology!


The end of Roe v. Wade would be one of the most significant reversals of a fundamental human and civil right in this country’s history.

If you care about women and girls… if you refuse to inherit, or pass on, a world that is hurtling backwards. Get organized and connect with us. Spread the word to friends, family, and other networks. NOW is the time to rise up, together, as if our lives depend upon it—for, in fact, they do.