May 14 – Nationwide Protests

Defending Abortion Rights


On May 14, under the banner “Bans Off Our Bodies”, thousands of protesters in 450 cities and towns across the country rallied in defense of abortion rights. The same day, in about 40 cities and towns nationwide, over 10,000 people rallied and marched in events called by Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights (RU4AR) around these central slogans: “Abortion On Demand and Without Apology! We Refuse to Let the Supreme Court Take Away the Right to Abortion!”. In many places RU4AR contingents also marched in the “Bans” protests. All these protests  – in their breadth of participation from people of diverse backgrounds, their geographic range, their numbers, and the fierce determination to defend the right to abortion expressed by many participants and speakers — were a vital manifestation of the strength of the movement demanding this fundamental right for women.

They also indicate the basis, and the urgent need, to take the fight to STOP the Supreme Court from taking away the right to abortion further  – more massive, more determined, more widespread – in the days and weeks ahead.


Featured Videos from Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights New York Rally

Samples of videos and images from Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights May 14th protests below, for more go to RiseUp4AbortionRights twitter and Instagram accounts


New York City, NY.


Lori Sokol, Rise up 4 Abortion Rights initiator, speaking at New York Rally


Coco Das Speaks at Austin Rally 




Honolulu, HI


Sunsara Taylor At New York Rally


Los Angeles

 Boston Die- in