Take this message out far and wide to alert people to the emergency we face and mobilize them to act:

The U.S. Supreme Court Has Taken Away
Women’s Right to Abortion 

Only the People Can Overcome This

Take to the Streets and
Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights NOW!










Wear & DISPLAY #GREEN4Abortion

Green is the color worn by millions of women in Argentina, Colombia, and other countries to express their fierce determination to legalize abortion. We are inspired by their example!  Wear green and display green everywhere – on campuses, on the job, on public transport, on social media. If you are inactive at a time like this, if you aren’t fighting this assault on women’s lives, you are allowing it – and GREEN is the way to show you are fighting it!

Rise Up 4 Abortion rights

Our only way forward and our best way forward is to resist. To step outside the confines of “official” politics and fill the streets with our fury… Rising up with courage and conviction to defeat this assault while bringing closer a future where women and all people are free. 

Donate $20 NOW to get a dozen green bandanas


[In El Salvador] they are using the green bandana because that’s the symbol for the right to free, legal, and safe abortion. Now the green wave is coming to the U.S. and I’m excited because we are going to be a big big wave here. 

partricia Wallin

Why we wear #Green4Abortion

From Sam Goldman of RefuseFascism.org, and an initiator of RiseUp4AbortionRights.org says “The week of Resistance should have people wearing green nationwide in this country. Wearing green, but also displaying green, basically green everything. Spreading the bandana, green banners green flags, green chalk. I was reading stories of the people who have started the campaign to make abortion legal in Argentina, and one of the quotes that stuck out to me about why you wear green was from this woman Celeste who said 

“So that you can recognize and be recognized. Recognizing each other is fundamental in this fight. You are literally taking the taboo out of your bag and you are saying the personal is political and collective.”

This is a part of bringing EVERY FORCE that we have into the streets.

Inspiring words and vision from Ana Cristina Gonzalez Vélez, a pioneer in the movement that decriminalized abortion in Colombia

“Women, with your strength, with your presence, in the streets with our indignation and our messages, you too can win!”




Women in an increasing number of states are losing their fundamental right to control their own bodies – from Texas, to Florida, to Idaho, to  Missouri – and this is JUST THE BEGINNING!! 


Imagine being imprisoned for a miscarriage or being forced to have a child against your will! Imagine your rapist and his family having the right to sue anyone who helps you abort! LAWS Like These Already Exist In The United States!


Additional states are proposing similar
laws, with momentum towards
criminalizing other basic rights, including:

Marriage Equality,

Interracial Marriage.






NYC, Sept 28, 2022



WE MUST DO WHAT WOMEN IN ARGENTINA, MEXICO AND COLOMBIA HAVE DONE. For generations, abortion was criminalized in those countries. Then, women took up the Green Bandana. Through courageous, relentless protest, they DE-CRIMINALIZED ABORTION!


We, too, must change what is possible here through our struggle. Show solidarity with our sisters in Latin America and with women across this country. Wear Green & Rise Up! We need to be spreading the GREEN WAVE  that does not stop until we defeat this war on women!


The Illegitimate Overturning of Abortion Rights Must Not Stand!