International Women’s Day, New York City

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Thousands of women hold green scarves demanding the decriminalization of abortion, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on February 19, 2020. The green scarves are a symbol of the women’s fight to legalize abortion. 



The Green Wave in Mexico



“In [El Salvador] they are using the green bandana because that’s the symbol for the right to free, legal, and safe abortion. Now the green wave is coming to the U.S. and I’m excited because we are going to be a big big wave here.

Patricia Wallin

The Green Wave Comes to the U.S.

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Displaying green bandanas, Austin, Texas


April 9, New York


The Green Wave for Abortion Rights Takes Over the Brooklyn Bridge

Wear Green for Abortion

Metro Hall, Louisville, Kentucky, April 21

Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights mobilized an emergency protest in Louisville, after the state of Kentucky enacted one of the most repressive anti-abortion laws in the country.

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