We REFUSE To Let the Supreme Court

Deny Women’s Humanity & Decimate Their Rights!


April 8: Wear #Green4Abortion & April 9 PROTEST Nationwide

The Supreme Court is on track to gut women’s fundamental right to abortion by late spring. Already, the Supreme Court has allowed an unconstitutional near-total abortion ban in Texas. Emboldened by all this, Christian fascists have unleashed a shocking barrage of woman-hating abortion bans nationwide, including:

  • Idaho just banned nearly all abortions and incentivized the families of rapists to sue anyone who helps the woman who was raped get an abortion!

  • Missouri is pushing to ban abortions even in cases of ectopic pregnancies which are never viable and often lethal to the woman and is seeking to punish anyone who assists a woman from Missouri in accessing an abortion in another state!

Yet all too many pro-choice leaders and Democratic Party politicians still preach a “realism” of accepting the Court’s gutting of abortion rights. They tell us to dig in for the “long-haul” of the electoral process or to focus on helping women induce their own abortions. Whatever their intent, this amounts to capitulating in advance. No! If we lie down now, this whole fascist juggernaut will only further accelerate.

Denying the right to abortion does grotesque physical, emotional, societal, and psychic violence to women by forcing them to have children against their will. Forced motherhood is female enslavement. Denying abortion hits Black women and other women of color especially hard and is bound up with a theocratic program also aimed at LGBTQ people.

We must resist! Fill the streets with our fury. Growing in numbers, in cities and small towns, uniting all who can be united and coming back stronger in continuing nonviolent mass protest. Shaking all of society. Changing the whole political atmosphere and what women-haters – from the Supreme Court to the State Houses to the streets – feel they can get away with. Rising up with courage and conviction to defeat this assault while bringing closer a future where women and all people are free.

NOW is the time to stand up, together, as if our lives depend upon it—for, in fact, they do.


Saturday, April 9, Nationwide Protests


to Keep Abortion Legal!






April 9 (Saturday):

Nationwide PROTEST!

NOW is the time to stand up, together, as if our lives depend upon it—for, in fact, they do. 

(Beginning list – find a protest near you or host your own. DM us on social media or send an email to [email protected]

New York City  – 2:00 pm

Union Square (@14th Street) RSVP + Share


Austin  12 noon rally at Republic Square Park, 422 Guadalupe; 1 p.m. march to Governor’s mansion RSVP + Share


Boston – 2:00 pm Boston Commons Free Speech Area, across from Massachusetts State House RSVP + Share


CLEVELAND – 2:00 pm Market Square 25th & Lorain Avenue RSVP + Share 


CHICAGO –  2:00 pm Wrigley Square at Millennium Park, North Michigan Avenue RSVP + Share


DETROIT – 3:00 pm W. Warren & Woodward, 1 W. Warren Avenue RSVP + Share


LOS ANGELES – 2:00 pm Hollywood & Highland RSVP + Share


SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA – 12:00 pm Sproul Plaza, UC Berkeley campus, Berkeley RSVP + Share


SEATTLE – 1:00 pm Seattle Central College PlazRSVP + Share



Women in Mexico City Demanding Legal and Safe Abortion

Meetings to organize a day of wearing green everywhere on April 8, and mass protests demanding ABORTION STAYS LEGAL on April 9, were held in New York and eight other cities over the weekend of March 19/20. Further meetings listed below. 


  • Los Angeles Meeting: Saturday, 2:30 pm March 26 Echo Park United Methodist Church 1226 N Alvarado St, Los Angeles CA 90026 OR Join Via ZOOM RSVP for Zoom or In person here
  • Detroit Meeting: Sunday, March 27, 3:00 p.m., 15925 E. 8 Mile Road, Eastpointe, MI., RSVP