Letter to Academics

Dear: XXX

I am writing to ask you to join me, Gloria Steinem, Cornel West, Rosanna Arquette, Susan Brownmiller, Sunsara Taylor and hundreds of others in adding your name to an important new statement titled “We Refuse to Let The U.S. Supreme Court Deny Women’s Humanity and Decimate Their Rights”. After you sign, please forward this letter to others, encouraging them to do the same.

Here is a link to read the full statement, and add your name: Here

Unless the people of this country stand up, the Supreme Court is likely to overturn abortion protections nationally in a few short months. Denying women the right to abortion forces them to have children against their will, shattering dreams, foreclosing lives, and driving countless women into poverty, abuse and even death.

It is incumbent on all of us who do not want to see half of society subjugated in this way to act against this. Here are two ways to join in doing this:

Tuesday, March 8, International Women’s Day. Flagship protest in NYC, 3 pm, Union Square + nationwide protests. Fill the streets with serious determination and rebellious joy. We will compel all to take notice, inspiring more people to join us. From there, we rally more people and fury… aiming to bring society to a halt and force our demand – that women not be slammed backwards – to be reckoned with and acted upon by every institution in society. 

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host an event or volunteer

As part of building momentum for March 8:

 Sunday, February 27th, SPEAK OUT! In front of St Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC at 1:30 pm (after Mass). To build for mass protests on March 8, International Women’s Day, we are calling on women who suffered before abortion was legalized, along with their daughters, granddaughters, partners and all who care to speak out. There will also be an optional non-violent civil disobedience,

go HERE for more information and how to get involved, there are ways to participate nationally via social media, donating, or sending stories. 

Please register on the website 


if you are able to attend either. I encourage those of you where this is appropriate to offer students extra credit to attend these events and write a short paper on them.

Finally, for all of you with social media, I have enclosed below the links to how to follow and spread the RiseUp4AbortionRights.org movement on all the major platforms.