Comments by people who signed statement

I #RiseUp4AbortionRights because …. 

“I assisted a friend obtain a safe but, then, illegal abortion in 1970.  I know what difference it made in her life. Women can never be fully participating members of society, so long as this fundamental right is denied and stigmatized.  This appears to be a group looking to win and not compromise.”

            Stan,  MA

“Can’t allow half of humanity to become enslaved”

            Phil, MD,  MA

“Women should decide what happens to their bodies, not a bunch of old white men who would change  their mind on abortion in a heartbeat if it effected them and their mistress needed one.”

            Patrick,  MA

“Women’s rights are human rights”

            Janet,  AR

“We are past the point of to take to the streets across the country to save our hard-fought-for legal right to abortion. Governments only make concessions when masses of people signal that they will become ungovernable if deprived of their rights!”

            Fran Luck,  NY

“Had an abortion in 1994 with no regrets”

            Nancy,  OH

“Because es mi derecho decidir en mi vida y cuerpo.”

            Aracely,  TX

“No one has the right to control decisions over my body. “

            Rosie,  IL

“I supported this in the ’70s and it saved two of my children from having to face bad futures.”

            Wilfred,  IA

“I BELIEVE in abortion and reproduction rights for women! “

            Marsha,  IL

“Autonomy over one’s body is a fundamental characteristic of freedom, liberty and privacy. The State has no right to intrude on what anyone does with their body. I am acutely aware of this as a Gay, gender variant person now in my 74th year of life.”

            Joseph,  WA

“Standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves”

            Susan,  PA

“Women are half of humanity. The right to control their bodies and their lives should be recognized after thousands of years of oppression and exploitation. But in 2022 with a growing and active fascist movement this demand…this right must be fought for with bold and determined action.”

            Bean,  IL

“Abortion is a part of full reproductive rights and women are supposed to be free. We will not tolerate forced both for anyone. “

            Stacy,  GA

“The decision about whether to have a child or not lies ONLY with the person who is pregnant. “

            Siobhan,  NY

“I marched in 1991. I marched in 2017. I am tired.”

            Sandy,  NJ

“I have a tween daughter and I want her, and all girls and young women like her, to have the right to make her own decisions about her own body. My daughter should not be forced to be an incubator.”

            Cory,  NE

“I am a female human being with 2 female, human children. We all deserve the right to choose what’s best for ourselves”

            Mandi,  AZ

“I believe that women have a civil and fundamental right to choose when and whether to become mothers—or not.”

            Phyllis Chesler,  NY

“Every person with a womb should have autonomy over their reproductive choices!”

            Robert,  NY

“it’s time….again”

            Vicki,  NJ

“Women deserve to be free of tyranny!”

            Vickie,  OH

“For pregnant people who don’t want to be pregnant. For whatever reason. ”

            Rachael,  OR

“My life is not up for debate. “

            Cambri,  NV

“The only way we are going to stop the assault on free access to abortion is through a mass movement in the streets. “

            Beverly,  WA

“it is do or die now for women’s rights”

            Marc,  MA

“Because if women are not free no one is free. This is all about keeping women in there place and making them incubators. I don’t want to live in a society like that and no by one should.”

            Brandon,  GA

“no one should have a say over another persons body. POINT. BLANK. PERIOD.”

            Alexa,  FL

“Life long activist for abortion rights”

            Ruth,  CA

“Forcing someone to carry an unwanted pregnancy is enslavement, plain and simple. The fascist desire to control women’s bodies must be put to an end once and for all.”

            Blair,  MN

“I believe fully in abortion rights and am terrified by what is happening right now in the US.”

            Ellie,  TX

“because abortion is central to women’s freedom and ending abortion enslaves women”

            Hope,  OH

“I believe in abortion rights and ending female enslavement, and protecting minority communities of women”

            Kristina,  MD

“Women don’t get themselves pregnant.”

            Julie,  FL

“I will do anything to protect the well established right that a woman has to choose”

            Amee,  D.C.

“I had a uterus at one time. People with them shouldn’t be reduced to living incubators. Abortion care IS HEALTH CARE.”

            Theodore ,  WA