The Illegitimate Overturning of Abortion Rights Must Not Stand!

Forced Motherhood = Female Enslavement

LEGAL ABORTION On Demand & Without Apology Nationwide!

The Illegitimate Overturning of Abortion Rights
Must Not Stand!
Forced Motherhood = Female Enslavement
Without Apology Nationwide!

Peter Switzer, activist, videographer, editor

Peter Switzer, activist, videographer, editor

The following is a copy of the letter Peter Switzer sent to The Intercept in response to their membership email (at times he quotes their letter). Switzer addresses the hit piece they published attacking Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights, as well as Bob Avakian, Sunsara, and the Revcoms.

July 22, 2022

Hey Intercept,

You’re certainly not helping democracy “survive” in any way… that’s a fact, something you folks seem to be in extremely short supply of over there.

You’ll have to lose the gaslighting, mudslinging, libelous non-“journalist” Robert Mackey before I would ever think about reading your slanderous rag ever again.

Is the Intercept actually going to allow slimy McCarthy-type hit pieces like the one McMackey scratched out with zero reporting and just lazy BS hearsay from others who really don’t know much, if anything at all, about Rise Up 4 Abortion, or the RevComs, or Bob Avakian? How much do they know about CoIntelPro or the McCarthy hearings?

– “Swooping”?

– Really?

What a joke, so old, so tired, such complete BS. RU4AR was organizing and agitating in the streets with NO “cameras” back in January 2022, straight through into DC well before the “cameras” came out there, and are still organizing actions and protests in the streets today. Where the hell were you? Where was McMackey?

RU4AR organized most of the actions in the streets across the country, that’s why they were/are there at most of them, with the microphone. Imagine that fact…

Rise Up was even ignorantly criticized for adopting green as the color of resistance to abortion rights when they began. There is a reason Rise Up chose green that most others didn’t have a clue about. Lo and behold RU was criticized for “co-opting” that too when folks were made aware, a color, “co-opting” a color! Any allegations of “co-opting” are such a freaking joke, it would be painfully hilarious if it wasn’t so freaking sad and downright counter-revolutionary.

The same people who didn’t know where or why the green was chosen, are now all wearing green BECAUSE of Rise Up’s foresight and understanding, back in December/January to follow the women of Argentina and Colombia, where abortion rights were won in the streets, by the people. Even your pals in congress are now wearing green, (pic below) seen while Chu spoke on the steps of the house. The Dems weren’t wearing green before Rise Up adopted and popularized it here. Clearly, RiseUp influenced many other groups in this way in the US, and elsewhere, as was its intention.

Mackey is ridiculous. Mackey’s putrid fact-free rambling so-called “journalism” belongs in the toilet, at best.

From The Intercept fundraising email:

– “Journalism will play a key role in the fight to restore sanity to the Supreme Court.”

The Intercept’s “journalism” certainly won’t.

– “It’s up to us to explicate the impact of these decisions, illuminate the forces that unleashed them, and demand action from those with the power to check the court’s excesses and repair the damage.”

Did it even occur to McMackey or the Intercept what RU is actually calling for??

Do you even know now, almost eight months into it?

If anyone over there truly believed only half of the content in this email you’ve sent along with your quest for “lavish” cash, then you would cease to publish what is the worst representation of “journalism” the internet has to offer.

I won’t be reading or accepting any more stories or emails from your lower than the swill you somehow label “dogged investigative journalism” site any time in the future. Unsubscribing today.

Get real, or GTFO.

Rise Up!!

Peter Switzer