June 12, 2022


This statement was written about 2 weeks before the Supreme Court Overturned Roe v Wade, the ruling that legalized abortion nationwide. Thousands of copies were distributed across the country. Its approach and stand still have great relevance. 


Overturn Roe? Hell No!





The Supreme Court’s cruel plan to repeal Roe v. Wade and wipe out the right to abortion is a major attack which must be DEFEATED NOWthis May and Junebefore it is hammered into law.


New York, May 14, 2022

This could be done if people in our millions make clear, through massive nonviolent resistance, that we will bring the gears of society to a grinding halt before we allow the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.


The repeal of a previously recognized Constitutional right would be a massive attack on women, one-half of humanity, that on top of everything else would fall hardest on Black, Latina, and other particularly oppressed peoples. Not only that; it would put birth control and the rights of LGBTQ people in the crosshairs next.



We must unite all who can be united to oppose this monstrous attack on the fundamental right to abortionFacing a challenge like this, while we recognize and respect our differences and welcome exchange of views, this is a moment when we must reach beyond our different experiences and political points of view to stay focused on the one overriding need of the moment: preventing the Supreme Court from ripping this right away.



Austin, Texas, May 14, 2022

It is unconscionable to not act together in powerful righteous resistance while a fundamental right of half of humanity is being ripped away. The hour is late, but there is still time. To fail to act when there is still a chance and a fight to be waged, weakens the people and emboldens those who would deny our rights.


WE MUST ACT NOW! It is far harder to win a right back after it has been taken, than it is to defend it while you still have it.