Stand Against the Supreme Court’s Attack on Abortion Rights


Needed: Set designers, artists, actors, ushers/marshals, testimonials, medical professionals, students, religious leaders, English/Spanish translators, ASL interpreters, and more.





On Sunday, February 27 as Mass lets out of St. Patrick’s Cathedral at 1:30 pm in NYC, a powerful Speak Out and Nonviolent Direct Action will sound the alarm against and act to STOP the Supreme Court’s moves to obliterate abortion rights by late spring!


We REFUSE to Let the U.S. Supreme Court

Deny Women’s Humanity and Decimate Their Rights!



This effort is initiated by and open to all who care about the half of humanity that is born female! The RiseUp4AbortionRights statement has been signed by Gloria Steinem, Cornel West, Rosanna Arquette, Lalah Hathaway, Sandra Cisneros, V (formerly Eve Ensler), Sunsara Taylor and hundreds of others. Read it in full and add your name here:


On February 27, women and others will testify to bring alive the grotesque physical, emotional, societal, and psychic violence done to women by when they are denied access to abortion and forced to have children against their will. For example: Areceli Herrera is flying up from Texas to tell of being denied an abortion as a teenager before abortion was legal. She was forced to give up her studies, bear a child produced through a brutal gang-rape, flee her family in Mexico, and spend a lifetime toiling as a domestic worker in the shadows of the U.S.


Some participants will engage in nonviolent civil disobedience, putting their bodies on the line to inspire others to join in this fight.


This Speak Out is aimed at building momentum for larger mass protests in New York City (3pm Union Square) and nationwide on March 8, International Women’s Day demanding.






VOLUNTEERS are needed now to help make this Speak Out beautiful, defiant and inspiring:


BE THERE! Organize your fellow students, your religious community, medical students and professionals in white coats, and more.


TELL YOUR STORY. If you can be New York, come testify. Otherwise, send it in and it will be read by an actor or volunteer.


ACTORS: Come read a powerful testimony. All genders welcome and encouraged!


SET DESIGNERS AND ARTISTS: The faces of 6 six women (enlarged to five feet each) who died from illegal abortions need to be mounted and displayed powerfully, along with other staging and imagery.


VIDEOGRAPHERS/PHOTOGRAPHERS (professional and amateurs): Help document and get this story out quickly.




MARSHALS: Experience as ushers or marshals a plus, but not required.




REGISTER HERE: to attend and volunteer in any way indicated above or share other ideas you have.


DONATE:  Tens of thousands of dollars are needed for stage, sound, permits, flyers, posters, press and more.



Further background:


The Supreme Court is on track to gut or overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court case that established women’s fundamental right to abortion nationwide, by late spring of 2022. If the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, 21 states would immediately ban or severely restrict abortion. Learn more in this factsheet:


WHY SPEAKOUT outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral?


** St. Patrick’s was the site of the first pro-choice civil disobedience in 1989. Abortion provider, activist and author Merle Hoffman, who brought a 7-ft coat hanger (symbolizing the dangerous back-alley abortions before Roe v. Wade), will speak again at St. Patrick’s on Feb 27, and we will raise the same hanger again!


** All the Supreme Court Justices likely to uphold the restrictive Mississippi abortion ban that would gut abortion rights are deeply informed by the anti-abortion teachings of the Catholic Church. A “factsheet” from the US Conf of Catholic Bishops states: “Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has not changed & remains unchangeable.”


** We draw inspiration from the women of Poland who defied the powerful right-wing alliance of the Polish church and state in pushing for even more severe abortion restrictions. We draw inspiration, as well, from the fierce struggle of women fighting abortion restrictions in Mexico, Argentina, and elsewhere.