February 27, New York City –

Sunsara Taylor Speaks Out in Front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral



On February 27, Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights (RU4AR) led a speak-out in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. The speak-out was called to build mass opposition to a gutting of the right to abortion by the U.S. Supreme Court. Several women spoke powerfully of their experiences with the horrors of forced motherhood before abortion was legalized. Sunsara Taylor, an initiator of RU4R, and others called on people to hit the streets in protest on March 8, International Women’s Day. Seven people, including Sunsara, were arrested when they participated in peaceful civil disobedience.


On 5th Avenue, NYC

On 5th Avenue, NYC


“This year, we must fight with all we’ve got for the right to abortion”

Excerpt below from the conclusion to Sunsara Taylor’s speech in front of St. Patrick’s 


Stand with those who spoke today and bear witness with them. Spread what they are doing on social media. Let their courage soak into you.

Tonight, as soon as this is over—start texting everyone you know. Get on the phone. Go to your religious leaders. Go to your best friends. Go to your family. Go to your classmates and coworkers and colleagues, the people in your building, the stranger on the street.

Tell them about this emergency facing women. Tell them about this movement that is refusing to bow down. Most of all: Tell them that they need to be in the streets on March 8—INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY.

And tell them to be at the mass organizing meeting this Wednesday night at 7 pm—tell them you are going to be there, too—and you need to be. Wednesday night, we will honor those who do civil disobedience today. And we will roll up our sleeves and work together to turn out people across this city—students and young people, people from the arts, medical professionals, people locked at the bottom of society and everywhere in between—on March 8, International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day is a day when the struggle for the liberation of women all over the world is declared, and in the revolution that I am fighting for, women’s liberation is completely bound up with the emancipation of all humanity. To make this real, this year we must fight with all we’ve got for the right to abortion.

Sunsara Taylor arrested

So let’s make this INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2022, MARCH 8, IN THIS CITY AT 3 PM AT UNION SQUARE AND IN RALLIES AND MARCHES AROUND THE COUNTRY—the day that the fascists and the women haters begin to get nervous, to realize that those they have stepped on, those they have silenced, those they have discounted and disrespected and treated as zeroes started to turn the tide of history. Started to make what had seemed impossible, possible. Just like Argentina. Just like Mexico. Just like in Colombia. And through our struggle, let us not only draw strength from the women in Poland who have waged this fight relentlessly, but let us also feed strength back to them as they continue to fight—unbroken—until they win!

And from there—we go for real to the hard but necessary and inspiring work to spark and spread and organize a movement big enough, sure enough of our righteousness and relentless enough to stop this overturning of abortion rights dead in its tracks. And even more, to begin to turn the tide against the terrible future these fascists and the system that spawned them is trying to lock down, here and around the world.

This is what we are called on to do. This is what makes life worth living.


Back on the Streets – on to March 8, International Women’s Day