Women Are Not Incubators –
Youth Procession

Stop the Supreme Court From Taking Away
Abortion Rights!


Amy Coney Barrett Said Forced Birth Not Issue Because of Safe Haven Laws So Youth Are Bringing Baby Dolls To The Judge

1 pm procession to the “Justices” neighborhood 
3 pm Rally @ SCOTUS




The United States Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe v Wade any day now (as early as this Tuesday). This would rip from women their fundamental right to control their bodies, their reproduction and their destinies. Amy Coney Barrett during the Supreme Court hearings regarding this case cruelly declared that since all 50 states have Safe Haven laws that the burdens of parenthood discussed in Roe and Casey are obsolete. No need to worry about forced motherhood states Aunt Amy with adoption as the solution (completely absent from her “solution” is any concern for women and girls being pregnant against their will). This callous viciousness, the overt disregard for the lives and humanity of women and girls, makes clear that the future they aim for is one where women and girls are reduced to incubators who should have no issue being forced through pregnancy and birth against their will.  This a future of terror they seek for all women and girls. This is why on Saturday, June 18 girls and young women are bringing baby dolls to the steps of the judges. 


Tomorrow, Saturday June 18 youth and those who support them are traveling from New York City to Amy Coney Barrett’s neighborhood and to the Supreme Court to bring alive the cruelty that is at the heart of Coney Barrett’s argument and to speak to why they refuse to accept women and girls being reduced to incubators. We refuse to be bystanders as the lives of women and girls are shattered and their bodies turned into vessels. Together we are issuing a challenge and call to all who care about women and girls to get off the sidelines and join this fight now to stop the Supreme Court from taking away abortion rights. 


Donning bloody pants and umbilical cords and carrying baby-dolls the youth will speak out indicting this cruel and brutal future of forced motherhood. We are calling on everyone  to refuse to allow their futures to be foreclosed & their lives shattered through forced birth. Do not let this stain of capitulation to female enslavement slam all of society backwards. Together we will call on society to look these girls in the eye and consider what will do to secure them a future as full human beings. NOW is the time to join these youth in RISING UP 4 ABORTION RIGHTS as if our lives depend on it- for, in fact, they do. 


Together we will issue a bold call and challenge to all to come to Washington D.C. to stand up, to rise up, to wear green and flood the streets, to shut the country down through relentless nonviolent mass resistance. Let the moral authority of these courageous youth standing up not only for their own futures but for all women and girls against this whole theocratic program that is coming for contraception, LGBTQ rights and much more inspire the courage and daring of all justice seeking people. 


Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights!

Forced Motherhood = Female Enslavement!

Abortion On Demand & Without Apology!