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International women’s day

Los Angeles March photo by Briana Walden



On March 8 – International Women’s Day – in rallies and marches in New York and 12 other cities  across the country – people declared their refusal to let the Supreme Court decimate women’s rights and gut or eliminate the right to abortion. 

NYC Rally

Voices from the stage.
Watch this compilation of the speakers from the NYC flagship rally.

People were ready to hear what the speakers had to say and listened intently, cheering and applauding loudly throughout. V (formerly known as Eve Ensler) opened up her comments by expressing solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Ukraine, Lebanon, Palestine, and Afghanistan—which she noted has been ravaged by U.S. imperialism. She went on to say, “I am sick of fascism and hate… I am sick of patriarchy!”

Merle Hoffman, founder and CEO of Choices Women’s Medical Center and a co-initiator of RU4AR, reminded people that IWD was “born in struggle” and said, “… the right to decide when and whether to be a mother is the front line and the bottom line of women’s freedom and liberation.”

Lori Sokol, executive director of Women’s eNews and a co-initiator of RU4AR, read a statement from Gloria Steinem, and then said she was following Steinem’s example: “There is nothing like being out in the streets, stepping up and standing up.”

Araceli Herrera, speaking in Spanish, spoke about how she was raped as a young woman in Mexico and denied an abortion when she became pregnant. With her fist in the air, she declared, “I’ve stopped crying. Today is the day we begin to take to the streets and scream loudly: I have the right to choose!”

Other speakers included actor and activist Kathy Najimy, Rev. Jacqui Lewis, and Dr. Bruce Price from the abortion advocacy group Trust Women.

Sunsara Taylor evoked the living example of the women of Argentina, Colombia and Mexico who went into the streets in their millions winning the right to abortion: “Through their struggle they made what everyone thought was impossible, possible. As we go out we will find others like us, and as we do we’re going to open up the big questions… Where does this desire to control women come from and what will it take to end it once and for all?” Sunsara and others called on the crowd to be part of organizing for April 9 when “we are coming back to this park, thousands strong. And across this country, thousands strong. And from there, we are doubling and doing it again and again until we flood the streets and bring this society to a halt. Because they must not be allowed to shatter the lives of women and slam history backwards.”


Read messages sent to IWD protests from: Gloria Steinem, Carol Downer, Harry Edwards,

Cornel West, Robert Jones, Jr.

March 8 NYC Rally

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Los Angeles

This is not a crisis that we can donate our way out of and this is not a crisis that a one off protest can solve. No. This demands sustained action. This demands noise. This requires you. We need you to stand up, to rise up and demand that abortion remain safe, legal, on demand, and without apology.


Lead Organizer in Los Angeles


Approximately 100 people rallied and marched in Los Angeles. A report sent to Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights said, “We had a great day out here! This was an excellent learning opportunity for the public, many didn’t know what was going on in the Supreme Court or how catastrophic the situation could be. We had a diverse group of speakers with an international perspective that provided moving speeches with well argued points that captivated the entire crowd; these include Ionic Boom, Reverend Frank Wulf, and Lawden Barzargan.” 

Bay Area 

On International Women’s Day, University of California students and professors, high school students, activists, the Revolution Club, Raging Grannies, and more marched against the attacks on abortion that could make abortion illegal in 21 states if Roe v. Wade is overturned.

Today we have an opportunity and a responsibility to demonstrate that we will not stand by idly while reproductive rights are under fire across the country.”

Berkeley Student