Saturday, June 25, 1:00 pm –

Rally @Supreme Court

Let them See our Courage!


Tomorrow, June 24, women could be stripped off their right to control their lives, their reproduction, their destinies unless we rise up and stop the Supreme Court from taking away the right to abortion.


Take off work, skip school. call out sick and get to D.C. to be outside the Supreme Court when the whole world is watching.


RALLY to STOP the Supreme Court from Taking Away Abortion Rights

Overturn Roe? Hell No!

Friday, June 24, 9:00 am in front of Supreme Court,

First Street NE


Speakers: Sunsara Taylor; Guido Reichstadter; Araceli Herrera; Paxton Smith; Paul Street


Look this girl in the eye and consider what YOU will do to secure her and others like her a future as full human beings.  Join these youth in RISING UP 4 ABORTION RIGHTS as if lives depend on it – for, in fact, they do.