The highest court

in the world’s most powerful country

stands poised to rip from women their fundamental right

to control their bodies,

their reproduction,

and their destinies.


We refuse to be bystanders as the state shatters women’s lives. Extinguishes their dreams. Hijacks their bodies. Forces girls to bear their rapists’ babies. Invades the lives of Black, Brown, young and poor women with special viciousness. Accelerates a fascist assault on contraception, LGBTQ people, voting rights, Black history and Black people, and more. Not just in the “red” states, but nationwide – strengthening the tides of anti-woman fundamentalisms and fascism around the world.


Starting Monday, June 13


Come to the Supreme Court in DC and Stay.


Imagine: Every day, more and more people pouring into the capital. Amassing at the Supreme Court. All night vigils. Protests. Hunger strikes. People by the thousands and tens of thousands returning day after day. The Green Bandana of abortion rights worn and waved everywhere. On Mondays, when the Supreme Court typically releases decisions, the Capitol and Court become so surrounded by masses of women, men, people of all genders and nationalities and backgrounds that it becomes clear to all in power that we will sooner bring the gears of society to a grinding halt through mass nonviolent resistance than allow the right to abortion to be taken away.


Those behind this assault are counting on our silence. We must not give it to them.


Even fascist women-haters worry about losing the perceived legitimacy of their institutions and their system when they are faced with truly massive, un-ignorable and unrelenting nonviolent resistance. And, if even in the face of our determined opposition, the Court still revokes abortion rights, we will be in a far stronger position to continue the struggle for women’s freedom for having dared to RISE UP.


The whole world is watching.

Let them see our courage.


This will not be easy. But the courts and politicians have failed to stop this attack. And a world where women are subordinate to the state, where wombs are regulated by the government and treated as potential “crime scenes,” must not be tolerated.


Let our visible courage call forth the courage of others. Let our righteous fury awaken the suppressed fury of millions of women and girls and all who love justice. Let our willingness to put it on the line not only defeat this crime against women while there is still a chance to do so, but also forge us into a more daring, deeply connected and justice-seeking people while building a future where women and all people are free.


If not now, then when?
If not all of us together, then who?
The future depends on what we do – or fail to do – during these momentous days.

Let us act with boldness,

daring and courage.


Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights!

Forced Motherhood = Female Enslavement! Abortion On Demand & Without Apology!


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