Overturn Roe?

STOP the Supreme Court From Taking Away the Right to Abortion!

Forced Motherhood = Female Enslavement

Abortion On Demand and Without Apology!



“Raise your voice and raise hell!
Silence is your stamp of approval.”


May 26

SHUT the

At Noon: Leave Work! Leave School! 
Converge in the Streets!

No Business-As-Usual!


How to organize your school: HERE


Find or Host a May 26 Protest







The Supreme Court is on track to overturn Roe v. Wade and decimate women’s fundamental right to abortion. This would be an atrocity! Forcing women to have children against their will is a form of enslavement. It would hit Black and other women of color especially hard and accelerate the theocratic Christian fascist juggernaut that is also aimed at contraception, LGBTQ rights, voting rights, Black people and other people of color, immigrants, and many more.

But this is not law—YET

Now is the time to fight with all we’ve got to STOP the Supreme Court from decimating abortion rights.

Don’t listen to those who tell you that it is more “realistic” to channel our fury into voting for the Democrats in the next election (after Roe has been overturned). No! It is far harder to win back a right once they have ripped it away than to defend it when you still have it. Besides, the Democrats and others have for decades sought “common ground” with those driving the fanatical attack on abortion. What is needed is an uncompromising fight for the lives of women.

Only the people can stop the Supreme Court from decimating abortion rights!

We do this through powerful and relentless resistance. By walking out of school and work. Speaking out in the arts and society. Disrupting business-as-usual. We do this through the sounds of our collective rage and the disciplined fury of our actions. We do this by shattering the “legitimacy” of the marble-halled institutions that would dare to rip away women’s moral agency and very humanity. We do this because it is right and because we can do no other.

We will make clear to the woman-haters on the Supreme Court and everywhere else that if they take away the right to abortion, their society will be prevented from functioning at all. We will NOT go back!

RiseUp4AbortionRights.org is a movement of people coming from diverse political perspectives united in our recognition that only the people rising up can stop the Supreme Court from decimating abortion rights with all the horror that would bring. We invite and urge every individual, community, and organization who agree with this to join and/or partner with us in this great mission.

May 26 Protests


New York City: Walk out 12:00 pm
Rally @ Union Square 1 pm 14th Street  RSVP


Atlanta 1:00 pm in front of Ponce City Market RSVP

Austin 1:00 – 1:49 businesses close; follow @TX4Abortion for plans

Boston 12:00 pm Cambridge Common, Cambridge RSVP

Chicago 12:00 pm Federal Plaza RSVP

Cleveland 1:30 pm Public Square Fountain RSVP

Detroit 12:00 pm Joe Louis Fist Jefferson & Woodward RSVP
Frisco TX 12:00 pm Purefoy Municipal Center RSVP

Greensboro NC 4:30 pm Eugene & Market Streets RSVP

Honolulu 1:15 Thomas Square RSVP


Houston 1:00 pm City Hall RSVP
Los Angeles 12:00 pm U.S. Courthouse RSVP
Orange CA: 1:00 pm Plaza Park, Plza Circle RSVP
Marietta GA12:00 pm Work-School-Home RSVP
Philadelphia12:00 pm Love Park RSVP
San Francisco 1:00 pm 24th Street @ Mission  RSVP
Seattle 1:00 pm Seattle Central College Plaza RSVP
Stauuton VA 12:00 pm in front of US Rep Ben Cline’s Office 117 S. Lewis St.  RSVP
Wichita 12:00 pm Courthouse RSVP


Social Media Organizing for Student Walk Outs


Ways to walk out & protest non-violently at school

Option 1:

Set a meeting spot inside your school at a designated time and walk out of school together. Go on a short march, or rally in the front of the school. Return to school after a set amount of time, or not!

Option 2:

Coordinate with other schools in your area to walk out and meet at a local park or public square to go on a march together! This is easier in bigger cities with lots of schools

Option 3:

Can’t walk out? Hold a sit in, a die in, or a speak out in your hallway during class change or during lunch, or for 5 minutes at the begining of a class period. Spread the word. Have a clear message on why you are doing the protest.

FILM IT and tag us!

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@riseup4abortionrightsyes! listen up and organize ur own walk out. DM us with Qs♬ original sound – Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights

Maron County, CA

@riseup4abortionrights Pro-abortion rights protest in New York!!! over 2,000 students walked out in NYC to say OVERTURN ROE? HELL NO! RISE UP! organized by Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights #Green4Abortion#roevwade #dobbsvjackson #fyp #prochoice #prochoiceisprowomen #abortionishealthcare #trending #viral #breaking #mybodymychoice #abortionrights #abortion #washingtonsquarepark #unionsquarepark #protest ♬ Paradise – Bazzi

NYC May 12


@riseup4abortionrights OVERTURN ROE?? HELL NO! NYC students walked out of school and held a speak out in Washington Sq Park last Thursday. Join them this Thursday May 12 and every Thursday untill the Supreme Court changes that draft opinion and Abortion Stays Legal! Go to #Linkinbio for ways to act. Hear from student organizer tomorrow on our national Zoom and learn how to host a walk out and about our May 8-14 week of action. #abortion #roevwade #dobbsvjackson #scotus #abortionrights #green4abortion ♬ About Damn Time – Lizzo


NYC Students Speak Out